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The closing of one year and leaping into the next one; is a great time to inspire yourself or others with structure, beauty and faith. 
Adding plants to your environment boosts your health and enhancing those grey Winter days. Accompanied by the Lex Pott TWIST candles, to brighten the dining or coffee table. The Frog tile is a decorative addition to motivate your loved one or yourself to leap into 2021 with a "spring" in your step. 


DUST London Planter + Maude Smith Frog Ceramic Tile + Lex Pott TWIST Candle. 

Working with tea waste allows DUST to do two things; the first is to create a range of natural pigments and subtle textures in the vases they create. The second is to raise awareness of the way materials are conventionally used and to challenge the perception of what sustainable design can be.

The vase can hold water or be filled with soil and is therefore suitable for holding either flowers or plants. 


140mm tall x 170mm wide

inside void dimensions

130mm tall, 150mm in diameter

cork covers whole base


1.5kg approx.


Maude Smith Ceramic Tiles (Botanicals & Creatures) 
Decorative, Coaster, Trivet, or Tile. 

15 x 15 cm ceramic tiles 

Printed, Glazed and Fired in Stoke-on- Trent

Scratch Proof & Heat Proof

Lex Pott TWIST Candles
Candles are usually straight and therefore need a base, though in this project Lex has tried to combine both base and the candle in a single material shape. This results in a sculptural and unique double ended candle. 

Burn Time = approx. 10 hours 
Paraffin Wax 
~ H24 x W10 x L17.5 cm