Hi, I'm Chloe an Anglo-American resident of East London. I crossed the pond from New York, almost 10 years ago and have adapted to the different pace of the Big Smoke.
I've worn many hats in my professional life; from fashion to beauty to wellness to business operations and brand consulting. 
I drink coffee. I eat chocolate. I love wine. And I salute the sun daily, blend essential oils in my kitchen and bow to the power of a hot salt bath.
I take turmeric supplements and drink kombucha, but I draw a firm line at a sourdough starter. 

I’m always on the go, until I decide to sit still. I move very quickly, except when deliberately slow. I set my own pace.
I have found love (and haven’t lost my sense of humour in the process).
I have close friends. I travel. I’ve found work that provides me with more than it depletes from me. I laugh more now than I used to. I have balance.
I have found Home. 

I am introducing Carry Me Home to reconnect us Home (within ourselves and our surroundings) and to share products from local entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives to support a more balanced life. 

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