Meet the Makers

DUST London's latest collection transforms tea waste into elegant objects using a unique process we have developed in their studio. They make the vase moulds using traditional origami techniques. DUST begins with a sheet of paper; scoring, folding and pinching to create the desired form. A key part of this technique is balancing the tension between the curved facets. They then reinforce the paper and work through a series of steps to create a robust and seamless silicone mould. Preparing the planter object for making the mould is a key part of the process to make sure they achieve a smooth surface texture on the finished pieces.

Working with tea waste allows DUST to do two things; the first is to create a range of natural pigments and subtle textures in the vases they create. The second is to raise awareness of the way materials are conventionally used and to challenge the perception of what sustainable design can be. A vase made from tea waste paves the way for those conversations to happen. 

Lex Pott 
Lex Pott (1985) employs a raw and intuitive method. In his work,
he returns to the origin of the materials he uses most: wood, stone and metal. He does not hide his designs under indirect layers, but reduces them to their very essence.

Handmade in his Rotterdam studio these candles uses the flexibility of wax to bring a new form to the traditional candle. Candles are usually straight and therefore need a base, though Lex has tried to combine both base and the candle in a single material shape, resulting in these sculptural double ended candles.


Maude Smith 
Maude is a maker, decorator, creator and painter, based in London. She designs tiles, illustrates children’s books, makes clothes, styles for photoshoots and paints murals and furniture. 

Her love of folk art, craft, Medieval art, the natural world, detail, texture, colour and pattern influence her work.

MONTAMONTA is a sustainable skincare company based in East London.

All of their products are produced in-house from their shipping container laboratory in Hackney with an ethos of plants + science and supplied in recyclable and refillable packaging as standard.

MONTAMONTA like to make use of both hyper-locally sourced + waste raw materials in their formulations; including coffee grinds from East London cafes. 


Takako Copeland is a print maker based in London. Originally from Japan, she studied Graphic Design and always had an interest in print making with layers of over printed colours. 

Takako's main creative focus is on the range of letterpress greeting cards. Each card is printed with time and care using traditional printing press and creating beautiful products to enhance your gift giving. 

Her card designs features distinctive colour combinations with tactile hand finished feel. Unique personality of each print impressions stand for handmade luxury.

By keeping all the productions small run, she is committed to using resources responsibly. While keeping environmental impact to a minimum by offering responsible consumption.