DUST London Coasters

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DUST London's latest homeware collection transforms tea waste into elegant objects using a unique process we have developed in the studio. DUST make the coaster moulds using traditional origami techniques. They begin with a sheet of paper; scoring, folding and pinching to create the desired form. A key part of this technique is balancing the tension between the curved facets. They then reinforce the paper and work through a series of steps to create a robust and seamless silicone mould. Preparing the coaster object for making the mould is a key part of the process to make sure we achieve a smooth surface texture on the finished pieces.

Working with tea waste allows DUST to do two things; the first is to create a range of natural pigments and subtle textures in the coasters they create. The second is to raise awareness of the way materials are conventionally used and to challenge the perception of what sustainable design can be. A coaster set made from tea waste paves the way for those conversations happen.


6mm tall x 100mm long x 100mm wide

cork base dimensions

2mm tall x 85mm long x 85mm wide


500g approx.

(set of 4 coasters)


Chamomile, Peppermint and Roobis tea waste with jesmonite binder; an eco-friendly waterbased fine cement-like material which has no VOC's, and is UV stable. The coasters are sealed with 2 layers of penetrating sealer and finished with a polish to give a subtle sheen.